“I have been a Democrat my entire life. Lauren is the first Republican I have ever voted for because I see her at our schools and out in the community truly making a difference.”
Mr. Noel Kawachi, Waialua Educator

“Lauren was a three sport athlete at Mililani High School and has been a strong advocate for high school athletics and facilities for our students."
Gaile and Glenn Nitta, Mililani Educators & Residents

“Lauren was one of my 7th grade students and I was always amazed at how much drive and compassion she has to serve those around her. She is a great role model and representative for our community. Please support her this November.”
Mr. Chris Justo, Mililani Educator

“As a chef, using local products is very important to me. Lauren understands the concept of farm-to-table and is a strong supporter of both local farms and local restaurants.”
Chef Elmer Guzman, Poke Stop

“Lauren has always been a strong proponent for making Hawai‘i self-sustainable. She understands the needs of the farmers and she has my vote.”
Fred Lau, Mari’s Garden

“I met Lauren when I was on one of my daily walks in Mililani. After talking with her and hearing her passion for positive change in our district, I knew she was the leader we needed. I now sign wave with her everyday.”
John Park, Retired Educator

“I had the opportunity to intern in Representative Matsumoto’s office where I was able to witness her integrity. Her passion inspired me to study Political Science in college.”
Carson Turner

“Lauren gets things done and has accomplished much for our community. I am a lifelong Democrat who wholeheartedly supports Lauren for re-election. She represents the next generation of leadership, brings a fresh perspective and energy to our community as well as the Capitol. As someone who was born and raised in the area, I know that Lauren is the best choice for our community.”
Lori Lendio McKeown, District Area Educator for 25 years

“Lauren is a breath of fresh air. We need new leaders with fresh perspectives and new ideas for the future of our state.”
Kenneth and Helen Yanamura, Mililani Residents

“I have been able to see firsthand how much Lauren loves serving the community where she was born and raised. Lauren is not your typical politician. She works hands-on in the community and truly cares about working together to make a difference.”
Scott Matsumoto, The Husband