About the District


Mililani is a peaceful, attractive and well-maintained planned community. Neighbors are caring, friendly and family-oriented with a blend of all age ranges. Schools, churches and support organizations foster the “family-living” theme of Mililani. Shopping centers, markets, theaters, restaurants, professional offices, and health care facilities are easily accessible. Fire emergency is available within the community and police and ambulance services are located close by. Parks and walkways are abundant throughout the community.

The Mililani Town Association provides a diversity of activities through its recreation centers to meet the physical, educational and leisure-time needs of the community. Mililani is a fantastic community which maintains, preserves and enhances its residents’ quality of life in a friendly environment. Mililani is a great place to call home!


This beautiful town located on Oahu's north shore is home to unique and timeless agricultural sites. Many of the current families living in Waialua are there as the result of a booming agricultural industry of sugar cane. The Old Waialua Sugar Mill and Waialua Public Library are two of the many structures that still stand.

Not only, was Waialua an incredible agricultural community, but it continues to improve the lives of our Keiki through essential education. This past year Waialua High School competed alongside 352 other robotics teams and was awarded the program's most prestigious prize, the Chairman's Award. Along with remarkable schools Waialua produces incredible coffee, rich chocolates, and sweet soaps. This agriculturally friendly town invites tourists and residents alike to experience its many wonders and relish in precious Hawaiian treasures.


Mokule'ia is a North Shore community in the Waialua District on the island of O'ahu. Mokule'ia means "isle (of) abundance" in Hawaiian. As of the 2010 Census, there was a population of 1,811. Some of its features include Mokule'ia Beach, Mokule'ia Polo Field, and the Dillingham Airfield which is rich in history. The Dillingham Airfield, a communications station called Camp Kawaihapai, was established in 1922. In the 1920s and 1930s, the railroad transported artillery to the site. By 1941, the Army leased additional land and established Mokule'ia Airstrip. It was used to store military aircraft during World War II which were used to save lives during the Japanese air strike.

As well as Dillingham airstrip Mokule'ia provides marvelous hiking trails. The Kealia Trail and Mokule'ia trails offer incredible exercise and exploration of the north shore side.

Kaena Point

Kaena means "hot place" in Hawaiian. The dramatic lava shoreline of the western tip of Oahu is home to Kaena Point. The legend is that Kaena Point is the place where souls of ancient Hawaiians would jump off into the spirit world and meet the souls of their ancestors. With scenic views of the Waianae coast to the south, Mokuleia to the north, and the vast Pacific Ocean, it's easy to see why this point was deemed so sacred.

Schofield and Wheeler

Schofield Barracks is a United States Army installation located to the west of Wahiawa. Established in 1908, Schofield is the home of the 25th Infantry Division, also known as the Tropic Lightning Division. It is also the home of the Command Headquarters for the United States Army Hawaii and the 8th Theater Sustainment Command.

Wheeler Army Airfield is home to many Department of Defense groups including, the 169th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron of the Hawaii Air National Guard, the 193rd Aviation Regiment and Detachment 55 Operational Support Airlift of the Hawaii Army National Guard, and the Army's 25th Infantry Division. Wheeler is also known for it's historical significance as it was the site of the first attack on December 7, 1941.